Hotel Crowne Plaza BCN

An incredible atmosphere in the spa of the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Barcelona.

In this fantastic project we collaborate to create even the smallest detail of this spa and thus be able to guarantee an unforgettable wellness experience for all those who have the pleasure of enjoying an unbeatable day in its facilities.

The AQA products that you can find in this spa are:

  • Waterfall ref.106.2
  • Waterfall ref. 106A.2
  • Cannon ref.110-E
  • Cannon ref.110-F
  • Cannon ref.110-G
  • Ladder ref.E-4
  • Hydromassage lounger ref.120.3
  • Buttons ref.132E
  • Drain ref.AQA-SR
  • Handrail ref.E-12

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