Ibiza Home Meeting

Reliving Unforgettable Moments from Ibiza Home Meeting 2023!

We want to share with you the excitement we experienced last November at the Ibiza Home Meeting 2023.

Our booth shone with elegance, showcasing excellence in 316L stainless steel and fiberglass pool accessories. It was an event that set the standard for innovation and design in aquatic spaces.

In our exhibition, we emphasized the durability and style that characterize 316L stainless steel. From showers to more decorative accessories, each piece reflected the exceptional quality we offer. The positive response from visitors motivated us even more to continue offering products that blend functionality and aesthetics.

The Ibiza Home Meeting Fair was the perfect place to interact with customers and industry professionals, sharing knowledge and creating meaningful connections. We appreciate everyone who visited us and immersed themselves in the experience of discovering the latest in pool accessories.

We are pleased to highlight that the Ibiza Home Meeting was the perfect venue for our two new international launches. Fresh out of the oven! In fact, both are currently in the mold generation process for future manufacturing, as the ones presented at the fair were the first two prototypes.

A wall-mounted shower that merges elegance and art, providing a sophisticated ambiance with the unbeatable look of a giraffe. Fusion of 316L stainless steel with fiberglass, designed and manufactured in Spain by our production team, entirely handmade.

An iconic cannon that expresses elegance and art through the fusion of 316L stainless steel with fiberglass to achieve a wild and majestic appearance, like that of a cobra. Designed and manufactured in Spain by our production team, entirely handmade.

In summary, the exhibition was a resounding success, solidifying our position as leaders in the market for 316L stainless steel pool accessories. We are excited about what the future holds and thank everyone for being part of this journey with us!

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