Spring Hotel Bitácora Spa, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Exquisite project of the Bitácora Hotel.

A little more about this project and its magnificent spa which uses chromotherapy and hydrotherapy to offer you a totally revitalizing experience.

Did you know that in terms of chromotherapy, the color pink, among many other qualities, is able to offer us a sense of protection, love and affection, therefore, it is able to bring us peace and to enhance our wellness experience.

The products that you can find in this project are:

  • Waterfall ref.106
  • Waterfall ref.106A
  • Piezoelectric button ref.132E
  • Cannon ref.110F
  • Cannon ref.110G
  • Cannon ref.110E
  • Hydromassage grid ref.137
  • Nozzle ref.AQA-BI
  • Handrail ref.E-12
  • Drain ref.AQA-SR
  • Hydromassage lounger ref.120.3 adapted

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